In 2018, I stopped using make-up as per the leading of God. It was not an easy journey. My face had so much open pores, with no solution or proper product to help heal my face. Then I was led to go to my local Indian market to look for an Indian facial product that might help me. When I got to the store, the cashier told me I don’t need to buy any of their premade soaps or lotion, she encouraged me to make my own. She explained to me what natural herbs and plants to use. At first, I was confused as to why she wouldn’t let me buy her product but instead encourage me to make my own. I came home and did exactly what she told me. In less than a week, I saw a difference on my face, and my husband encouraged me to keep using it. Then I went to my beautician to get my hair done. At this point, I had also cut my hair and gotten rid of wigs and false hair.

My beautician saw my face and asked me what product I use on my face. As I began to tell her what to do, she said don’t tell me to brand it and I will buy it from you. That was the beginning of my brand. I went to the Lord at this point and asked him if He is the one leading me into this path to please give me direction as to what to do, give me the business name and a logo. That night when I went to bed, the Lord gave me the name of the business and logo printed on a black shirt. I worked up and scratched it so I won’t forget it. It took me almost a year to finalize everything. In May 2020 I Launched my brand. I Am Beautiful By Fati K. Samura. The Am represents God in this.
I pray if you are reading this and you have been given a vision or mission to fulfill, you don’t know the way to go, I encourage you to seek the Lord’s face for direction because He will direct your path.

Proverbs 16:3 says Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.